Our goal is to provide a renewable and sustainable crop for use as raw material to produce animal bedding and industrial pellets. Our team has enjoyed building an environmentally conscious business that is capable of providing a high quality biomass material that is renewable, sustainable, and locally grown in Georgia.



Our Crop

Freedom Giant Miscanthus™ (FGM) is a herbaceous, deciduous, perennial, non-invasive, C4 grass. Developed and engineered by Mississippi State University, FGM outperforms all other woody biomass products on the market. As an added benefit FGM does not compete as a food source like other crops that may be used to create ethanol.

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Our Team

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In developing this company, the BioGenerations team knew there was a better way to produce and distribute Freedom Giant Miscanthus™. We have worked tirelessly to improve the traditional ways and by doing so, we have been able provide you with a quality material.

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Our Products


Our innovative farm-to-customer harvesting and storage techniques have eliminated several operational and processing cost. In essence, we make it easier and much less expensive for you, our customer. 

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